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Atlas offers a variety of individual and group benefit coverage programs, including, but not limited to, Health, Dental, Life, Disability, Long Term Care Insurance, Section 125 ("cafeteria") and Deferred Compensation plans. Read more »

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Atlas Consulting Services, LLC is a full service insurance brokerage firm. We have special expertise in sophisticated and complex employee benefit programs. Read more »

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Impact of the 2016 Elections and SCOTUS Vacancy / Nomination to the Affordable Care Act

Impact of the 2016 Elections and SCOTUS Nomination to the Affordable Care Act

ALA National Presentation 2016

Should I Consider a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

Considering a PEO


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Evaluating Prospective Insurance Funding

Evaluating Prospective Insurance Funding Arrangements For Your Firm – Business of Law Conference ALA

Association of Legal Administrators Presentation

Insurance: How to Evaluate Professional Employer Organizations

Evaluating PEO’s

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Preparing for a 401K Audit

Preparing for a 401 K Audit

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